The Internet of Things: What Is It And How Does It Work?

What is the Internet of Things?

When we think of all the things that could affect your day, what is it that we think about? How about “how am I going to automate my work”? Well the Adroit company works in the field of IoT, but what is it? The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of everyday objects with computing capabilities (for example, sensors and connectivity). Collectively they form the internet of things and are known as the Internet of Things (IoT). In the early 1990s, the internet was first defined and started to develop and be accessed. Initially, the network was mainly for academic purposes, such as the USENET. It was not until the mid-2000s when a framework was set up for the development of web applications, the implementation of virtual currencies, email and web-browsing, etc. The idea of the internet was being utilised by the general public, such as simple web-based mail, blogs and content management, by a business, for example, e-commerce or web-based IT systems, by the government with online banking, etc.

Who Uses It?

IoT is used by the following industries; Agriculture, Aquaculture like water bug monitoring, Construction, Internet of Things is being used for many different purposes today. Here are a few examples: Industrial Monitoring Remote sensors in factories are used for inventory management, machine health, HVAC, cooling and lighting and more. These sensors send information to a server where managers receive the data in real-time to understand production capacity and machine health. The server helps plant managers to decide how to improve production. Buildings Monitoring We have a range of wireless monitoring and control systems that monitor and control building automation systems, such as the HVAC, building automation control systems. These systems can keep track of the energy usage of each part of the building.

How Does It Work?

IoT system creates an ideal monitoring environment, which means it can run with minimal human interaction. This allows for the full and consistent monitoring of equipment, parameters, and settings. Systems can easily synchronise with a range of other automation or monitoring systems for total integration and control. To use our IoT solutions, you will have to connect to our cloud-based cloud-computing system using a username and password that can be changed on a client-by-client basis. There are several different modules that come with IoT solutions.

Some examples of IoT.

Real-time Fish Scanner system Do more with fish Take fish count data on the road with your family to a restaurant. A Fish Scanner helps you take the guesswork out of catching your target fish with just the push of a button. Taking fish counts along your fishing trip means no more agonising over which fishing spot to go to and no more walking long distances to a specific place, lost in your own thoughts. No more fishing guides always trying to save you money and no more waiting for a boat with a mate to arrive to carry your straying catch back to the shore. A Fish Scanner turns all this around. Our Fish Scanner will now be your trusted fishing companion. When you’re fishing, you get to relax and enjoy the experience without any unnecessary worries.

How does IoT work and why a business needs to use IoT

There’s a lot of confusion about how IoT works. So we’re going to cut through the hype, and look at what IoT actually is, and why you need to be involved. In the same way that the internet revolutionized the way we store and share information, the IoT (internet of things) is going to change the way we live, work and play. Instead of individual devices connecting to the internet for specific uses, rather devices will be able to communicate and transfer data between each other, dramatically enhancing its usefulness. IoT is the idea that a multitude of devices can connect to the internet, talk to each other, and work together. All of these devices connect and communicate with the use of sensors that pick up information Or in the aquaculture industry even fish farm water monitoring!


When looking to implement an IoT project into your business, There are a few company\ies to turn to. They can offer complete IoT solutions with a strong focus on security and business-ready IoT monitoring.

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